You are invited to join
Self-Leadership Society

A live coaching & collaboration community for small business owners and creatives who are cultivating Soul-Full Success in Life and Work

led by Allison Crow

For Soul-Full Small Business Owners
  • You are authentic and ambitious and don't need this community and coaching but choose it~ You are a cultivating your life and work. 
  • You are a spiritual being living this human life who craves personal support in the inner mindset work, &  perhaps, strategic business development - and you know marinating in life & business coaching fuels your creation.
  • You are open-minded & a bit unconventional, and you want to belong & thrive in a diverse, soul-full community of other small business owners and humans desiring to live their best lives.
  • You want high-level, skilled, & full-access coaching at a fee that leaves money left over for implementation in your business so you don't have to do it alone.
  • You are an owner and a creator, who takes responsibility for your life and work.  You are committed to imperfect progress in life and business. 
The Investment for the Self Leadership Society  is
Soulies Self-Leadership Society 

An exquisite Coaching Membership Program at an easy fee, designed to support both the inner and outer areas of your life and work. 

You don't have
to go at it all alone

Live coaching (Life+soul+biz) + Community that provides belonging, connection, inspiration, friendship, networking and support.  From the mystic to the logistic, Soul-Full Success is for Soulies who want to grow their life/ business in a soul-full way and have funds left over for implementation in their business.

Our Members
Authentic and Ambitious small business owners who want to create success
without killing their souls!
Our members are coaches, artists,
healers, REALTORS, digital course creators,
VAs, boutique owners, government employees,
energy workers, personal trainers, sales experts, and more. 

Don’t own a business?
You don’t have to own a business to feel the support and benefits of a life coach. (In fact, life coaching is REALLY what helps my business owners most). Many of our members become Soulies to connect with like minded people - spiritual beings living a human life and wanting to feel SOUL-FULL.

Vision & Launch Members (0-3 years)
Many of our members are newer small business owners (or are dreaming of taking the leap)who are in Launch phase - or start up of their service based business.
* This is not a "how-to" or linear training program: 

Growth & Achievement Phase (4-30+ years)
Most of our members have established and successful businesses. 
Live Coaching
Live business and life coaching sessions will be where the juicy work is done.  On the spot SOUL Seat Sessions are were members get to be coached and witnessed live.  Sometimes the best insights and learning come from watching someone be coached...or maybe you will be the next one in the Soul Seat.

Private 1:1 sessions with Allison:  Up to 4 private sessions a year at a SPECIAL SOULIE PRICE if you are a member. 

 Community & Belonging
You don't have to do this all alone. Belonging & Connection: This is one of the most valuable aspects of this program.  Community.  Collaboration.  Masterminding. Support. Encouragement. All from the tribe.
Each participant, not only receiving, but also contributing and connecting with fellow members.  Over the years, I've watched my community members connect, create and collaborate together.  I believe there is room for all of us, and together we are better. I'm proud of bringing together heart-centered, growth minded women and men. 
Your Favorite Life Coach
Allison Crow 

For years I have worked with thousands of exclusive clients who have paid a minimum of $1000 a month for coaching - even for group programs.  In the past I've charged 7K-47K for coaching.

But NOW -- I'm completely changing things around. BIG TIME.  The same high-value coaching - for a much more digestable fee,  just for YOU.

I have combined all of my coaching and teaching expertise (20+yrs) in both life and business into one monthly group coaching program that is extremely and excessively affordable.  This is a coaching and relationship based program and you will have direct access to working with me.  While we do have courses & a library of content, this is not a course driven membership.

I invite you to join me, to work with me, and to be a part of the powerful gathering of Soulies in the

Soulies Self-Leadership Society

The Investment for the Self Leadership Society is

BE INTENTIONAL about your Self-Leadership Skills and Practice

with at least 1 coaching call a week. 

This is an active coaching and collaboration community - not a shelf-help-never sign-on course. I want to be connected with you personally!  This is not a linear course (although there is a library of trainings).  While we have coaching and occasional trainings, and you have access to all my biz and skills knowledge... it's really a container for your deep inner transformation - a place to develop your self trust and personal power. I am here to support who you are meant to be in this world.

As membership program, you get to DECIDE how full-out you will play.
You chose the level of engagement, pop in and out as needed - you know what works for you.  And for those who choose to show up as if it is 1 on 1 asking for what they want and need like a 30k a year coaching program.... get those kinds of results. 

  • Business Coaching and Classes are Mondays from 11-12:30 Central and live streamed in our group.  Replays always available. 
  • Life Coaching Calls are Thursdays from 11-12:30 Central and live streamed in our group.  Replays always available. 

I run this program very similar to the sacred circles of women who paid 9-12k ..and those women and my current members have gone on to:

  • Leave corporate and replace 6 figure salaries creating art
  • Build multi 6 figure coaching, training, and online membership programs
  • Meet the Divine Husband of their dreams and create families 
  • Write and publish books
  • Release 45 lbs 
  • Buy their dream car - a Tesla
  • Enroll their first 10k clients
  • Leave soul-sucking work and create soul-full work and livings in entirely new professional arenas
  • Scale their teams
  • Get their finances from messy and untracked taxes late, to organized and paid ahead of time
  • Move from hourly coaching to 5 figure coaching agreements
  • Become Directors of National Coaching Programs at the University level
  • Bring their mystic selves out of the closet and stand proudly in authenticity and begin to create work from that space 
  • Build a viable, sustainable and FUN coaching practice from scratch while also being FULL TIME MOM and PTA President
  • Grow their followings from 0-40K+ online 
  • Pay off Debt
  • And met the sisters and brothers of a lifetime - collaborators, and colleagues and soul families for life.
  • + a whole wash of energetic shifts and healing

The Investment for the Self-Leadership Society is
 (c)2021 ALLISON CROW